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    Extract e-mails BIG DB dump file

    CREDITS TO AUTHOR LetZ say you got some 2 GB .sql DB dump file and you're only interested in getting users e-mail from it. What's the best way to do it? 1. Find out DB's structure Since you don't need whole DB, it will save your time & server load if you work only with user table from this...
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    Thread Options OllyDbg Tutorial+Big list of other tools you may need

    Cracking using OllyDbg What is cracking? I would like to introduce you now to a more advanced and professional cracking technique, cracking using a debugger. What is a debugger? In few words, a debugger is a software that will let us look in the asm code before and after the code is executed...
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    Special Service For Carding From Big HAcker Group (CVV.DUMPS.BANKLOGIN.TRANSFERING)

    Format Special Service For Carding From Big HAcker Group (CVV.DUMPS.BANKLOGIN.TRANSFERING) About Us: Our policy is simple "making the world a better place by creating an equal balance" in other words, hack the rich and give to the poor, Robin Hood style :-) The way we do this is to sell...
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    Indian Site SQLI BIG STORE !!

    Hello All and here you go with big indian site computer accessories store and i got sqli for it
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    strong bin live master big kill plz

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    strong bin live master big kill plz2

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    MYSQL Big dump cards no CVV2 All live!

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