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    [CrackMe] My crackme for Provendorz

    Hello dear crackers, I had an hour and here is my simple crackme... Download: Info is in the archive, things shouldn't be too hard though Greetings,
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    [VB.NET] CrackMe V3 [HARD]

    Sorry for the trouble, this is a BruteForceMe... not CrackMe Hey guys, I've made a very hard BruteForceMe... :/ not CrackMe. Try to get the "Cracked" Screen. This CrackMe is not obfuscated/packed/crypted. It's written in Screenshot: Download...
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    [CRACKED] [CrackMe .NET] CrackMe (Protection by "Methanity")

    This CrackMe has been officially cracked by The-One after 2:20h. This CrackMe uses the protection methods from Methanity's Online HWID System. • written in .NET Framework 2 • NOT obfuscated (by public obfuscators) • MEDIUM-HARD What am I trying to get? hwid.tracecp.net_CrackMe.exe...
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    Updated Crackme by jj89XD and AirKode

    Okay so jj89XD's original crackme was quite easy, so I decided to shake it up a little and make it more of a challenge. By the way, I do have permission by jj89XD to do this. And of course you virus-scan: DOWNLOAD...
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    [Medium] CrackMe

    Made very quickly as a proof that doing some very simple things, even without a packer, makes cracking a program much harder. The code is a whole 32 lines, and could probably be compressed down to 20 if I could remember if I could do something only in C++ or not, but it works so w/e. Usage: Run...
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    [CrackMe .NET] -Not obfuscated-Medium (Good practice)

    [CRACKED BY 1NV1518L3!] Hey, I was playing around a little with Encryptions, Functions etc. today. Finally I got this CrackMe which i think is medium hard. It is * NOT obfuscated by professional programms * NOT just a simple if-statement (if textbox1.text = "Santa" then But...
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    Thread Options CrackMe - [not sure what level it is]

    Hey all This is a crackme i have created. I think it isn't very hard. Download Link Virus Scan (I'm not sure why there is a false positive) Good luck! Formerly known as TheUnknownProgrammer...
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    CrackMe Video Tutorial + Download

    got some crackmes from here and decided to upload a video tutorial on how to crack it. please give me feedback if you guys like it i can upload a couple more videos for harder crackMes.
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    CrackMe v3 - Hardest - Very hard

    Virus Scan: Download Link:
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    [TUT] AH Series (1) - The IF crackme

    Introduction: Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you all how to crack a simple application consisting of an IF statement. Although it is very unlikely you will see a commercial application with security like this, it is a useful way to learn. Download...