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    How To Create A Phishing Page

    Hello bankers, maybe someone will find this usefull! enjoy 1. Intro There are couple of other phishing tutorials around here, but some people seem to have problems understanding them. So I'll try to be as simple as possible. This phishing tutorial is written for newbs, and if you have problems...
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    How to create a new European SSN and/or ID

    After reading alot of posts regarding creating a new SSN and/or a new identity, this is my ¨how to¨ First of all! This is only for educational purposes for my Bitshacking community and i never tested this myself ;-) There are 2 ways the hard way and the easy way. THE HARD WAY STEP 1: Get...
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    How to create your own im bot

    How to create your own im bot This quick tutorial will show you how to develop your own functional IM bot that works with Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live and all other popular instant messaging clients. To get started, all you need to know are some very basic programming skills (any...
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    Create your own USB stealer

    In This TUT I will show you how to Create Ur Own USB password stealer. As we all know, Windows stores most of the passwords which are used on a daily basis, including instant messenger passwords such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Windows messenger etc. Along with these, Windows also stores passwords...
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    The Ultimate Guide To Creating Viruses - Create, Crypt 'n' Go [Tutorial]

    Hello and Welcome, To The Ultimate Guide To Creating Viruses! So lately I have started to be a little more active that I used to be, focusing on different variety's and types of hacking and buying bits and pieces of software around the forum. After years of learning, I have finally decided to...