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    Hi today i want to share my scripts [I didn't created these scripts , i`m not going to give source to anyone] SCRIPTS ARE NOT INFECTED ANYWAY IS YOUR RISK Spoofed UDP https://www.mediafire.com/?hv69ex2smw161h4 F-UDP https://www.mediafire.com/?pq81zsf10x80z02 ACK...
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    DDoS Attacks.

    =================================== =INTRODUCTION TO DENIAL OF SERVICE= =================================== EXtremely long tutorial Explaining DoS worth having a look at. .A. INTRODUCTION .A.1. WHAT IS A DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK? .A.2. WHY WOULD SOMEONE CRASH A SYSTEM? .A.2.1. INTRODUCTION...
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    DDOS Script 100% works [Layer 7 & 4] + Free DNS AMP, CHARGEN, Pingback & Proxy List

    Hello all i give you Free DDOS Scripts using layer 7 & 4 of OSI Model + Fresh AMP & Proxy List. I will give a thanks to G4el, BGR, Vyp0r, RPE, DarkRed, Billy, Buz1n & others Scripts authors i haven't never code this scripts Layer 7 ARME (For Apache Servers) source...
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    DDoS [Tutorial]

    Introduction Recent events that have gone on in my favorite website have inspired me to inform people of the dangers of DDoS. There is no anti-virus for DDoS. The only cure is knowledge. Informing the people is the only way to keep it from happening to them. Or a nice firewall^^ I know their...