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    Extract e-mails BIG DB dump file

    CREDITS TO AUTHOR LetZ say you got some 2 GB .sql DB dump file and you're only interested in getting users e-mail from it. What's the best way to do it? 1. Find out DB's structure Since you don't need whole DB, it will save your time & server load if you work only with user table from this...
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    How to hack dump track 1 and track 2 information [Article]

    The source of stolen cards continues to originate through two primary methods: skimmers and network breaches. A hardware skimmer is a device placed over a card port on an ATM or gas pump. The skimmer is designed to capture the data on the card’s magnetic strip as it is inserted for payment or to...
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    Free Dump

    track 1: B6011002033034802^shang/yan ^18011011000507753 track 2: 6011002033034802=18011011000507753702 ---------------------------------------------------------------- track 1: B372373227593010^martinez/teresa ^161110113035718500 track 2: 372373227593010=161110113035718500000
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    live visa dump track 1 track 2

    track1: %B4388540025708263^todd/robert^140810000000000010000582000000? Track2: 4388540025708263=140810110000582
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    Dump + Pin Storing POS

    Dump + Pin Storing POS The best POS (Point Of Sale System) to use to get dump (track 1 and 2) and PIN on. For all carders who work or have connections with people who work in Bars, Cabs, Delivery service. When the customer uses their card and punches in the PIN this POS stores the PIN. And HEY...
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    Original card dump for sale

    We are here to help make money, we only charge because of the cost,time and effort involved in the services and products we offer.By using our service you will find out an individual approach to the client, the big spectrum of the countries and the excellent quality. The small test as agreed is...
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    MYSQL Big dump cards no CVV2 All live!

    Dennisse Aros 4239540007342504 Visa 0918 Rikky Jasper Pontianak jl.adisucipto km8 78391 Indonesia Kalimantan Barat 2015-02-15 06:11:46 izzul syaban 4105050011877322 Visa 0419 izzul syaban jakarta jl. tebet timur dalam 8U no.14 12820 Indonesia tebet 2015-02-15 07:28:59 W darres 4258294501877880...