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    Nmap 5.50 with Gopher Protocol Support!

    Hi folks! It has been a year since the last Nmap stable release (5.21) and six months since development version 5.35DC1, so I'm pleased to release Nmap 5.50! I'm sure you'll find that it was worth the wait! A primary focus of this release is the Nmap Scripting Engine, which has allowed Nmap to...
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    Nmap Security Scanner and SecTools.Org User Survey

    I'm also pleased to announce the Nmap/Sectools Survey! We previously ran this survey in 2000, 2003, and 2006, and it helped guide Nmap development as well as sharing our collective wisdom through http://sectools.org/. We had 3,243 responses in 2006 and are trying to reach 5,000 this year. And...
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    Nmap [Linux]

    Happy new year, everyone. I'm happy to announce Nmap 5.20--our first stable Nmap release since 5.00 last July! It offers more than 150 significant improvements, including: o 30 new Nmap Scripting Engine scripts o enhanced performance and reduced memory consumption o protocol-specific payloads...
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    Redspin Nmap XML > SQL

    SQL support has been a much requested feature of NMAP in the Redspin office. While a number of tools exist to support NMAP SQL output, their database format has left much to be desired. Using SQLite, Perl’s DB and the NMAP Parser module, our tool extracts all supported fields in an NMAP XML file...