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    Basic Phishing tutorial

    Today I will write for something very powerful in hacking phishing this is the one of the most illegal techniques in hacking. !I'm not responsible for your actions I write this for education purpose only if you get in to trouble I'm not responsible! Phishing is highly illegal so if you are new...
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    How To Create A Phishing Page

    Hello bankers, maybe someone will find this usefull! enjoy 1. Intro There are couple of other phishing tutorials around here, but some people seem to have problems understanding them. So I'll try to be as simple as possible. This phishing tutorial is written for newbs, and if you have problems...
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    Version 0.3 of the Simple Phishing Toolkit (spt) If the project sounds interesting to you, please consider taking a look at it. Demo it in read-only mode, download it and use it yourself. We are welcome all feedback and ideas as we continue to develop the project. Please feel free to contact us via...
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    Version 0.4, "Dragonfish", of the Simple Phishing Toolkit (spt)
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    Version 0.5, "Electric Catfish", of the Simple Phishing Toolkit (spt)

    Version 0.5 of the open source phishing education tool "spt" (Simple Phishing Toolkit) was released today. Notable features and improvements in this version include: - Improved installation routine, with environmental checks for the most common installation problems. - Improved campaign...