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    Fresh Canada fullz

    Personal Information | Full name : Gary Jones | Date of birth : 01/02/2001 | Address : 300 Baileys Brook , Merigomish , NS, B0K1G0 | Home Phone : 902-926-2646 | Business Phone : 902-921-0179 (ext) | Email : | Driving No : | Mothers Maiden : Debbie MacDonald | Social Insurance...
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    How To Access CMD On School Computers

    Accessing CMD Thought I should write this up since so many people are having trouble or don't know how to search. Most schools have blocked CMD because of security issues, and for a good reason. Once you have CMD access you can reformat the hard drive, do various diagnostics, add users into...
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    Unblock WebSites at your school (very easy)

    When i used to go to school, and i wanted to go to a website like youtube or myspace i couldn't access it because it was blocked. But her im going to list a few ways to get past that 1. First choice would be to use a proxy i've listed a few proxys you can use here
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    Fun with the Shutdown Function at School

    I found this and thought I will share it with Hack forums members. So you wanna mess around with your school network? You wanna own the shit out of some kiddies who think they're the best? Well thankfully there's the shutdown function in cmd :) First of all you need to have access to a cmd...