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    How to keep hacked sites redirections longer

    NOT WRITTEN BY ME, but by another guy called dAd0 i think. credits to author ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ OK, letZ say you got cPanel of some site & now you wanna redirect it to yours. How to do it & how to do it to last longer? Most ppl would do something like this...
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    Fresh cardable sites -Work 100% Accept PayPal and CC -Work 100% With CC
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    Fresh cardable sites
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    Fresh cardable sites
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    Fresh cardable sites
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    Fresh cardable sites
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    Best carding sites

    here all links & cardable & easily ship to anywhere in the world. u can try any link on this page: For europe & uk: Europe Shopping Linx :: Buy-n-ship For Australia & Newzeland: AUS Shopping Linx :: Buy-n-ship FOR CLOTHES: Clothes & Accessories :: Buy-n-ship For all over world: choose links of...
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    Bill=ship cardable sites shoes clothss hooka pens clothes Star educational laptops 8& portable chargers BILL=SHIP FOR ALL!
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    Cardable sites for eu

    Method : Use spain /brazil cc - same Bill= dff ship (only in Spain Any name) [no socks No VPN ] note : better use cyber cafe [internet Locutorio] i have carded lots of time & yeah for buy electronic products use only 3 days /72 hours delivery any help just ask me I'll help you & it's very easy...
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    Cardable Porn Sites daring***.tk ***
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    Free Access To Porn Sites that accept cheques =)

    Here's how to break into *some* p0rn sites that accept cheques. I know most or all CCBill sites are vulnerable to this. NOTE: Use a proxy. First, go to the Fedwire directory at . Find a bank somewhere. I've chosen The Bank of Clovis, in Clovis, New...
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    No Priv8 tool SQL injection sites Dumper v.8.0

    Offer you today a wonderful program, and my personal experience and the latest version of the program Is a program: SQL Dumper v.8.0 Primitive remembrance of what distinguishes the program from the old version: 1. The speed and strength to bring sites 2. speed in the extraction of data tables...
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    Cool Hacking sites !!!

    Здравствуйте уважаемые пользователи форума. Предлагаем Вашему вниманию услуги по: Взлому сайтов: от 350$ Получение базы сайта: от 350$. Проверка Вашего сайта на уязвимости: от 70$. Устранение уязвимостей на Вашем сайте: от 5-10$ за уязвимость. Создание любых сайтов,форумов, интернет магазинов от...
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    cardable sites list
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    Cardable Sites 2015

    WORLDWIDE CARDABLE SITE : Clothing : Web: [Only registered and activated users can see links] Method: Bill+ship same / Clear coockie / Usa cc tested Electronic : Web: [Only registered and activated users can see links] Method: Bill+Ship same / Clear Coockie / With usa cc tested Ship...
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    Cardable sites

    Cardable sites Site List- Us: - Phone Verification needed - Non-vbv or Amex/Disco...
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    Vulnerable sites list

    Vulnerable sites list JackPine Press -- All Our Wonder Unavenged and 99 Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz: book review and 99 Bazaar Bar union all select 99-- Macau Fancy Food Show 2012' union all select 1,99,3 and '0'='0 Better Animals Show Series and 99...
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    Sql Injection VULNERABLE SITES

    Genhound source document description Left Coast Press : REA Plasrack
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    Accounts April.26.Free [5 Sites]

    Image: BRAZZERS (Abr.26.2015) MOFOS (Abr.26.2015)... More...
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    Accounts April.25.Free [5 Sites]

    Image: BRAZZERS (Abr.25.2015) MOFOS (Abr.25.2015)... More...