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    How to hack websites & servers -- Step by step

    This tutorial is meant for beginners. Anyhow, it might be useful for intermediate/experts too! I'm going to provide the common methodology that is followed when hacking a machine/network/server. This tutorial will give you a good understanding & an overview about professional penetration test...
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    Unblock WebSites at your school (very easy)

    When i used to go to school, and i wanted to go to a website like youtube or myspace i couldn't access it because it was blocked. But her im going to list a few ways to get past that 1. First choice would be to use a proxy i've listed a few proxys you can use here
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    Sql vulnerable websites

    Sql vulnerable websites ---> All yours here ------->
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    Best Way to Sniff HTTP and HTTPS Websites

    Best Way to Sniff HTTP and HTTPS Websites Its not tough to Hijack / Capture / Sniff Wifi Traffic on almost any network as long as you are connected to it. Once you apply all the correct tricks, all future traffic for Wifi clients i.e. laptops, mobiles will be routed from your PC, giving you...
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    Brute Forcing WordPress & Joomla Websites

    Hello, So today we will learn how to Brute force Wordpress & Joomla websites ( As title says ) Many people have been asking me how to brute force it and well you will know now We will be using a perl script to do this so you'll be needing Active Perl Download Here ===>...